Does this thing work?

So I guess the lights are back on….?

I promise to reduce the number of ellipses this go round, I leaned far too heavily on that before.

For those unaware, Reality is Real is a blog that started back in the days when blogs were cool and people went online to read stuff. It started with myself, and my good friend Ray. We met playing NBA 2K online and battled it out in Fifa. (He couldn’t fuck with Ronaldinho). There were a few others there in the beginning, then we grew.

It grew in terms of people, it grew in terms of scope, it grew in terms of reach. It went from a blog to a blog and podcasts, we added a merch site and even had our own radio show on Los Angeles FM airwaves. We had people in Los Angeles, we had people in New York, and we had people in Chicago.

It was great. It was fun. It was exciting. Then around 2018, it ended.

Why did it end?


Why is it back?

Me and Ray discussed bringing Reality is Real back. We wanted to get back to the stuff we did before. In living life, we learned so much more that we felt could help push the plans we originally had farther forward. At the same time, the internet has become even more of a shitty place. It was great just living life and not existing in this digital space. My social media presence dwindled until the birth of my son, and now my IG is mostly pictures of my kid. I was content.

Then Ray passed.

I promise I have a plan for where this site is going. It’s a lot more focused then this post is. The problem is to start the site you have to have a first post. The lesson I learned in Ray’s passing is sometimes you just have to get things going. So here we are.