Young M.A – ‘Herstory’ (EP)



While Young M.A has yet to drop her debut album Herstory in the Making, Herstory is her way of saying sorry for the wait.

There’s a lot of people rooting for Young M.A to succeed. While Joey Bada$$ has done relatively well, there hasn’t been a 50 Cent, Jay-Z level star out of New York for sometime now. Some may mention Nicki Minaj, but her biggest songs felt a lot more pop than anything else. Young M.A’s “Ooouuu” single, partially riding the wave of now incarcerated emcee Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot Nigga,” had a lot of eyes looking toward NY. Add in the reception female emcees have gotten in the mainstream lately, again excluding Nicki Minaj, and the flag M.A represents for, whether it be her choice or not (No, not the red one), Young M.A has a lot of people on her side. Then there’s another crowd of fans cheering her on….those who like rappers who can rap. Herstory has a little something for all of the above.

Herstory is 7 tracks ( including “Ooouuu” as a bonus). Just enough to give you a decent sampling of what M.A is capable of while we await her full length project. Check out Herstory below, or cop it on iTunes…cuz, you know, supporting artists with a purchase is still a thing.

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