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In the Era of Trump, the Bar for “Political” is Awfully Low

  If you know me, you'd probably feel safe assuming I didn't watch the Grammy awards. I've made it very clear I'm not of fan of them and explained why. What I am a fan of however is A Tribe Called Quest. During and post the airing of the Grammys it was nearly impossible for…

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Hackers Run YG’s anti-Donald Trump Anthem “FDT” On Repeat at Radio Stations Across America

As Trump's approval ratings continue to decrease daily, it appears hackers have chosen to use Hip-Hop to voice their displeasure with the newly inaugurated POTUS Donald Trump. The Associated Press reports multiple radio stations have been hacked, and forced to play YG's "FDT" on repeat. Sunny 107.9 WFBS-FM in Salem, South Carolina aired the song…