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Cleats, Dimes, and Strikes Philadelphia 76ers Media Day

Cleats, Dimes, and Strikes Episode 7: Rodman’s Opinion,CC is a Coon, White Basketball Player Inferiority

Bare with me..I lost my voice...the opinions are all real tho... This week I discuss Dennis Rodman saying Lebron could never be Jordan because Jordan "never rested." Chris Carter's coon ass opinion on Colin Kaepernick, NBA MVP, and Lavar Ball saying you can't win a championship with 3 white boys....and Micheal Rappaport's response. WHITE POWER!…

Cleats, Dimes, and Strikes NFL: Oakland Raiders-Las Vegas Relocation

Cleats, Dimes, and Strikes Episode 6: Just Move to Vegas Baby!

Another week, another episode of Cleats, Dimes, and Strikes (delivered late again, sorry) This week (last week) I discussed the Raiders moving to the Vegas and the hypocrisy of Draymond suggesting fans "boycott." I discuss the authenticity of YTs supporting Colin Kaepernick Check this article here---->…kaepern-1793816711 I discuss the killer shot made by Morgon William…