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Jeezy & Big Boi Feature Tracks For ‘Saints & Sinners’ Soundtrack

The new BounceTV serieis, Saints & Sinners, has not one but two dope Hip-Hop tracks on their official sound track. Both Jeezy and Big Boi have new cuts that are featured,  "Gotta Be A Man" and "Sinners (Saved by Grace)." Peep both tracks below

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The Flavor Unit Produced Organized Noize Documentary, Shines Light On The Best Production Trio Ever (Trailer)

In the age of Netflix picking up some of the best Urban documentaries ever made, they show no sign of slowing down. Their latest venture is in conjunction with Queen Latifah and Flavor Unit for their production of The Art Of Organized Noize. The film showcases the best of the best in the industry, all singing…

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Big Boi is Man Enough to be a Girl Scout

  Stank You Very Much to Antwan Andre Patton – Big Boi #Outkast for being Man Enough to be a Girl Scout! “Rocker by night, super dad by day – says he’s glad that’s one of the things he chose to do as a man – be a father to my children” #BigLovesTheKids A photo…

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Big Boi – Mother of Dragons

Big Boi - Mother Of Dragons I had a discussion with my homegirl about how this "Catch The Throne" mixtape was a cheap marketing ploy, getting rappers to rap about Game of Thrones that makes absolutely no sense and is corny as fuck....well...Vida I hope you see this. Love the show...this shit is corny as…