RisR Radio: What’s Beef?



We’re back….back to back.On this episode of the Podcast Bruce and Vida discuss rap beef. What is it? Do we care? Why don’t we do think pieces on it like the fuck boy blogs? We lightly discuss our memories of rap beefs of the past, and go over what’s been considered beef lately….

of course we occasionally get distracted.


Our next podcast is gonna be a real talk podcast. For those that don’t know…awhile back we used to do Podcast where we spoke freely about anything…relationships, whatever…if you want your questions answered on the show…shoot them to BruceSmith@RealityisReal.com. We’ll be answering questions about anything you want, music, personal shit, politics, whatever.


Meek Mill – “War Pain” off 4/4 Part 2 get that here

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