Petition Aims to Make Free Music Eligible to Receive Grammy Nominations


Chance 3

An online petition started 3 days ago has been picking up a lot of attention in its mission to give artists who have put out music for free, the chance to win a Grammy for their work. The Grammys have a policy of music having to be “commercially released in general distribution in the United States, i.e. sales by label to a branch or recognized independent distributor, via the Internet, or mail order/retail sales for a nationally marketed product” in order for it to be eligible to win a Grammy. However, with artists like Chance the Rapper releasing quality work for free, people feel that he and other artists who have put out music for free should not be cheated of a prestigious award for doing so. “Not all artists should be forced to release their music for free, but the ones who do should not be punished for doing so,” the petition reads. Currently, almost 24,000 people have signed it. To join the movement, sign the petition HERE.

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