Nitty Scott Starts “Lotus Club,” a Women’s Group for Trauma Support


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Anyone who follows Nitty Scott knows she has long been a supporter of mental health awareness. She’s also been very open about her struggles, such as her battle with depression, and detailing traumatic experiences with her mother on songs like “Still I Rise” and “Mother’s Mark.

Back in December was when Nitty first mentioned the thought of starting a support group, originally focused on “young women with toxic mothers.” She immediately received much support from fans to follow through with the idea.

— ☮ ☪ ☯ Nitty Scott (@NittyScottMC) December 4, 2016

— ☮ ☪ ☯ Nitty Scott (@NittyScottMC) December 4, 2016

Since then, she’s given consistent updates via her social media, and has expanded the group to being open to discussing all forms of trauma women face. “Bring your baggage – rape/sexual abuse, domestic violence, toxic mothers, LGBT issues, homelessness – there is no pain that will be unwelcomed,” she wrote on Instagram. She has even reached out to her following to help her in her efforts to get the group started. Asking for anyone with experience in therapy or social work to contact her, as well as opening the floor for people to help in any way they can think of, such as providing literature or refreshments.


— ☮ ☪ ☯ Nitty Scott (@NittyScottMC) December 19, 2016

After much planning, she announced today that the group is finally official! And will be, in her own words, “A place for young women to participate in monthly group talks, art therapy & healing circles, along with mental health resources, guest speakers & maybe even goddess retreats in the future!” Nitty has stated that the initial group will be limited to 10-12 members, so if you’re in the NYC area and are interested, hit up the self-proclaimed little Buddha ASAP. Shout out to Nitty Scott for all her efforts to spread love through music and beyond.

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