Cleats, Dimes, and Strikes Episode 3: Magic is back, Shaq is corny



My apologies….I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. While this episode was supposed to be up, politics slowed things up, and will have an impact on things going forward….but anyway…on this episode I discuss

The Demarcus Cousins trade

Magic taking over the Lakers…and whether or not Dan Lebatard is racist

Ole Miss Football violating the NCAA’s GREAT set of Rules

Jameis WInston being a Bamma……well…yea…but I discuss why his comments were problematic, but the responses to it haven’t been that much better

and I discuss why Shaq was completely in the wrong with JaValle McGee

Music this week

NIpsey Hussle “Can’t Spell Success” featuring Cuzzy Capone
Joey Bada$$ “Hillary Swank”



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