Cleats, Dimes and Strikes: Episode 1 Welcome to the Jam!





This is the first episode of Reality is Real podcast network’s sports podcast, Cleats, Dimes, and Strikes

On this episode I discuss

The Super Bowl
Lebron not having it….Lebron vs Charles Barkley, Lebron vs the Carmelo Anthony story
Martellus Bennett not feeling Trump
Micheal Bennett not feeling Israel’s marketing moves
Charles Oakley for President
The Knicks being a dumpster fire
Steph Curry vs Under Armour CEO’s political views
Demarcus Cousins being a baller!
TO not making Hall of Fame

I actually don’t remember if I discussed the Knicks being a dumpster fire…but they are…so yea.

This was recorded over the weekend…a lot of stuff has popped off in regards to the Oakley situation today…next week you’ll get Cleats, Dimes, and Strikes EARLY Monday.

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