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President Obama Plans to Lift Many Trade Restrictions Against Cuba

President Barack Obama announced yesterday that the U.S. will be working to restore diplomatic ties with Cuba and soon. Part this effort will include taking strides to end the 54 year old trade embargo against Cuba as well as opening a U.S. Embassy in Havana. While this news seems to be going over well for…

Real News Joey Bada$$, The J. Dilla Foundation, and Akomplice Clothing Give Back

Joey Bada$$ teams up with The J Dilla Foundation and Akomplice Clothing and Donates Music Equipment to his High School

  Last year, Joey Bada$$, Akomplice Clothing, and The J Dilla Foundation linked up for a special Dilla inspired limited edition capsule collection which included the unreleased track "Two Lips." This year, 100% of the profits from the sales of that collection were donated to youth music programs in Dilla's and Bada$$'s hometowns, Detroit and…

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What’s Next for the Juvenile Court System?

For anyone who knows me, it's not surprising that this story from Memphis, Tennessee regarding the Shelby County juvenile court system's discrimination findings interest me. The prison industrial complex and especially the school-to-prison pipeline are issues that I have had my eye on for quite sometime now. I'm pretty much a radical like Angela Davis…

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Jury Deliberation Begins in Renisha McBride Trial

From Jury deliberation began Wednesday in the trial of Theodore Wafer, 54, charged with the murder of 19-year-old Renisha McBride last November. The jury, according to Legal Insurrection, is composed of seven men and five women, including eight whites and four blacks. There are two white female alternates. The McBride trial began on Monday, July 21. She was…

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E-40 and his Wine, Earl Stevens Selections, are featured in the Sacramento Bee

  For those of you who may not already know, legendary rapper E-40 has launched his own brand of wine named Earl Stevens Selections this past October. He has been very successful and, as the article points out, he's not just a great entrepreneur (which we already know) or a celebrity trying to push a…

Real News MHP Show

Melissa Harris-Perry Show Panel Discusses Policing Tactics and Black Fatherhood

Yesterday on the Melissa Harris-Perry show on MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry and her team of guests tackle two issues that are definitely in high discussion in the Black community: policing and fatherhood. We recently shared the article from the New York Times regarding the "Broken Windows" policy implemented by the NYPD that was discussed on the…

Real News Attorney General Eric Holder testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington

Is U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder one of the Dopest Appointed Officials in the White House?

When it comes to addressing issues that face low-income people of color such as the school-to-prison pipeline and felons not having the right to vote, I've always commended Attorney General Eric Holder for not only speaking out but stategizing and implementing ways to address these issues and others. made a list that does nothing…

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New York Times Addresses Policing Tactics in NYC

In this piece by the New York Times, we take a glimpse into what was behind the death of Eric Garner, 43 year old man killed by police by being placed in a chokehold after being accused by police of selling loose cigarettes. While the chokehold is banned as a tactic by NYPD, harassing residents…

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