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The Reality is Real Podcast Network is all about necessary conversations. Podcasts covering various subjects with perspectives you won’t find anywhere else.

Hip-Hop, sports, movies, more importantly, life…the Reality is Real Podcast Network speaks on everything all the other podcasts do without sounding like all the other podcasts do.

Herb N' Life with Vida Star

Herb’N’Life Ep. 14: Women are Weedheads and Anti Blackness in the Latino Community

The crew talk about Dascha Polanco calling out the whitewashed images of Latina women, a new survey that implies women smoke weed more than men , and round it out with a heavy discussion on anti-Blackness in the Latino community. As always there are lots of laughs, lots of herb and ELEVATED Conversations.

Herb N' Life with Vida Star steve-harvey-crying

Herb’N’Life Ep 13: Steve Harvey and Rachel Dolezal 2.0

Vida, Eva, Sara and Mayra discuss the topics of the week. They also introduce their brand new segment, the Sit The Fuck Down Award. This week we talk about Steve Harvey's comments to a Flynt, Michigan resident, Tinashe throwing black people under the bus, white women who disrespect black women and the coons who praise…

Herb N' Life with Vida Star kendall-jenner-pepsi-baton-rouge-protest

Herb’N’Life ep7: Pepsi, French Montana, and Making Decisions in Relationships

Vida, Eva, and Mayra are back together again in this episode of Herb'N'Life w/ Vida Starr. They discuss, Pepsi and Kendall Jenner as well as French Montana's anti-black tirade against a twitter user and making choices with your significant other. WOC Highlight: Annie Turnbo Malone Intro/Outro Credit: @Wordamouph (on Twitter)

Herb N' Life with Vida Star serena-williams-snap-3

Herb’N’Life Ep. 8: Uber Passengers, Gilbert Arenas, and Understanding the Complexity of Ethnic Identity

On this episode of Herb'N'Life with Vida Starr, Sarita Tlacuila, Mayra and Eva join Vida in discussions about disrespectful Uber passengers, Gilbert Arenas making an utter fool of himself talking about dark-skinned women, Tyrese apologizing for being a dumbass, and more. Check it out.

Cleats, Dimes, and Strikes garett-bolles-goodell-042717-getty-ftr-usjpg_442yfxaahy5v12j79bq14kj0o

Cleats, Dimes, and Strikes Episode 8: White People Winning at the NFL Draft, Lavar Ball & his Marathon

Back again.... This time...I have a guest. Herb N' LIfe host Vida Starr joins me to discuss the topics of the week, and this week we discuss 1. #BrodieSzn over Aww....what are you guys gonna do? 2. The "White People Winning" NFL Draft discussion From the celebration of Christian McCaffrey (and yea...I got it wrong...he…

Cleats, Dimes, and Strikes Philadelphia 76ers Media Day

Cleats, Dimes, and Strikes Episode 7: Rodman’s Opinion,CC is a Coon, White Basketball Player Inferiority

Bare with me..I lost my voice...the opinions are all real tho... This week I discuss Dennis Rodman saying Lebron could never be Jordan because Jordan "never rested." Chris Carter's coon ass opinion on Colin Kaepernick, NBA MVP, and Lavar Ball saying you can't win a championship with 3 white boys....and Micheal Rappaport's response. WHITE POWER!…

Cleats, Dimes, and Strikes NFL: Oakland Raiders-Las Vegas Relocation

Cleats, Dimes, and Strikes Episode 6: Just Move to Vegas Baby!

Another week, another episode of Cleats, Dimes, and Strikes (delivered late again, sorry) This week (last week) I discussed the Raiders moving to the Vegas and the hypocrisy of Draymond suggesting fans "boycott." I discuss the authenticity of YTs supporting Colin Kaepernick Check this article here---->…kaepern-1793816711 I discuss the killer shot made by Morgon William…

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