The Return of the Real

We exist because we have to. In the past, Hip-Hop outlets were of and about the culture. They brought us the stories of our culture with respect and appreciation of said culture. Those days are gone. Outlets highlight gossip and drama, rushing to post stories about reality TV stars for clicks. Post headlines are created to bait readers into viewing empty stories. Hip-Hop outlets have made it very clear that they are 100% about the money and will do anything to get it.

We’re a bit different.

Reality Is Real is about the culture first. While money is no doubt important for any business and is necessary to push our growth and provide you with the content we’d love to provide you, we will not sacrifice what we believe in for financial gain. We believe that you don’t have to wait until an artist gets “hot” to give them attention. Good music deserves support regardless of buzz level. We believe promoting positive stories can be just as successful, if not more  successful, than promoting drama. We believe our audience isn’t stupid. They see through the ploys and gimmicks of our competitors and will appreciate quality content.

We need your help!

We relaunched Reality Is Real because were weren’t happy with the current climate of Hip-Hop media and felt that instead of just complaining, we needed to do something about it. If you’re not happy with the way things have been going, support. Share our stories. Sales from our shop support our site. Our shop was created to avoid dependency on ad-based revenue. Our plans for this site will revolutionize not just Hip-Hop media, but online media in general, but we’re nothing without the support of the people.

Become a "Realist."

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