5 Myths the Hip-Hop Community Needs to Stop Spreading

Hip Hop Culture

Nothing grinds my gears more than the negative discussions happening both within and around the Hip-Hop community regarding the current state of Hip-Hop. It’s as though people have let their personal nostalgia get in the way of having a rational and objective discussion about the genre. The discussions have become damn near a revisionist history on the music and the culture and even those who are of the “modern era” have begun to repeat the unsubstantiated rhetoric. While I have learned to not expect many informed opinions from those outside of the Hip-Hop Community, I have increasingly become disappointed with those within it. So I have put together a list of myths that, for some reason, keep getting re-stated and re-hashed to the point where those on the outside think it makes sense to repeat.

Become a "Realist."

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About Author

Vida Starr is a radio producer and personality as well as a community activist and advocate from South Central Los Angeles. Vida can be heard on KPFK 90.7FM in Southern California as well as KJLH 102.3FM in the Los Angeles area.

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